An Ode to Armpit cleavage



This is something we should all talk about…

I decided to write this article as I was staring myself down in the fitting room mirror at Zara. I hate those fitting room mirrors so much; I think they transform me into Judge Judy of my own body. Frustrating. So as I was observing myself, I noticed the armpit cleavages and the expanding grandma flabs, it really got me thinking…what do other women think about it? Do they notice it as much as I do and lift their shoulders in order to make it seem smaller? Or maybe I am just overly obsessive. However, don’t we all feel some type of way about those nicknamed areas of our body? This is why the nicknames exist. Even if we don’t mention it and try to ignore it like it’s not there. It still makes an appearance whenever we stare ourselves down with our keen eye for our own imperfections. This is an ode to that and how I found love with my flabby areas. The most important part, a strappy not long-sleeve top that actually did its job right and covered the equivalent of a muffin top to my arm fat. I started to analyze the deeper reasons of why the top didn’t expel my jiggle.

These were the findings and 3 tips on how to look for the right top for your arm and armpits this summer:

1.     When you look for your perfect summer top, look for a top that actually fits you. This seems so simple and self-explanatory but from personal experience we all try to fit that one size smaller to feel better about our body and squeeze into it. Usually it doesn’t look good (unless you are that size) because you feel like your body is going through a juicer. Also make sure that the straps are not digging into your skin because that is so fucking uncomfortable. Get your size or even size up to give yourself some breathing room!

2.     Number 2 on our list is a weirder one. Look for a more low-neck top, like the one I got. I’ve only discovered this now but for some reason the silloute of the top fits much better with your arm fats. It feels looser and more comfortable than other tops that I’ve tried on that were higher up on the armpits. The reason being is that when it’s lower it elongates your neck visually, slimming you down.

3.     This is a biggie. Find something that doe not flash your boobies to the world. I love tops that cup them just right and are low neck, but you don’t want to reveal too much of your glory. So keep it all contained. This top helps because it has little areas sewn in there. If the top is loose you can always wear a strapless brallete under and it should act as a gate between the world and your lady friends.


This top is Zara, and it is currently on sale for 19.99, so talk about affordable…they have it in black and white online and I found a green one in stores.

If you are lacking the confidence to wear a strappy top, remember that we all have armpit vaginas-as called out by Jennifer Lawrence- and the jiggle…. But that is just one of those things you have to embrace and start appreciating about your female figure! Get jiggy with it!