Artist of the Week: King Krule

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Photo by Tim Barber


King Krule is one of the most interesting artists that has come on the scene in the past decade. Archy Marshall, more commonly known as King Krule, is a 22 year old artist who specializes in a strange culmination of jazz fusion, darkwave, experimental hip-hop, and punk thrown together to create something completely new. His gritty baritone voice and no-shit attitude fuel his intense performances, where he seems to pour his heart and soul out onto he stage.

Well yeah they got nothing on me


Unlike many artists today, King Krule recorded  his first EP entirely himself, in his parents house no less. It was released in 2011 when Marshall was only 17, and garnered very favorable reviews from critics. The largest step on this young artist was yet to come.

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Photo by Be-Street

In 2013, King Krule released 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, his first full length album. The album was released in it’s entirety on King Krule’s website for free. All of the songs were accompanied by footage of London from CCTV, fitting the aesthetic perfectly. The album is, in my opinion, an absolute masterpiece.

6 Feet Beneath the Moon is a very complex album, with endless layers and some of the most unique composition I have heard. The lyrics tell tales of heartbreak and sorrow, from the point of view of a boy not often taken seriously. King Krule bleeds self-confidence, and clearly expresses not giving a single shit about what people think of him or his actions. In “A Lizard State”, Marshall describes being “trapped in the black of your heart”, unable to escape the grasp of someone he once loved. This is a focus that seems prevalent in a large portion of the record.

The sound ranges from Gorillaz-esque alternative hip hop to jazz fusion. His composition ranges so heavily from song to song, it seems almost as if each song is a record in itself. Many songs combine endless genres of music, while still maintaining musical focus, unlike many artists who attempt this. Instead, Marshall has created a sound entirely his own, that does not adhere to the normal rules of what alternative music can and should be.

This is a man who truly does not follow the rules.