Interview: Erica Hawkins



In honor of the first interview on MN, I decided to get to known Erica Hawkins (the hawk lady) of Electric Revival Clothing- to real talk about female Entrepreneurship and balance.

Erica! So let’s start this off with who are you and what do you do?

My names Erica Hawkins and I own Electric Revival Clothing, a vintage & modern clothing store filled with bohemian style clothing for women located in Atlanta, Georgia.

What were you doing before you started Electric Revival Vintage?

Marketing, and I still do. I’m a content marketing manager and I really enjoy my job. I know that’s not usually the case with creative people in this day and age – but right now I don’t mind doing both my store and writing content for a tech company. In fact, I prefer it. I feel like it allows me to use all of my talents, I’m a marketing geek at heart, I think that’s why I enjoy the social media and content marketing behind Electric Revival so much.

What did you study in school? Hate it/Love it?

I studied Public Relations. It didn’t take long for me to realize that spinning stories and embellishing reality wasn’t exactly my strong suite. I did however take some great communications classes like semantics and interpersonal communications that I not only use at work but in life every day.

At what point did you know that you wanted something of your own?

I think I always knew I wanted my own company, I just didn’t know what. After my first job out of college, the lack of freedom and control over how I spent my time made me realize that I had to, eventually make my own money, be my own boss.

What are some of your hobbies when you have some time off from work?

I’m an avid and active music lover – I think I probably spend the majority of my time outside of work listening to music, researching bands, traveling for festivals, or going to concerts. I even write articles for a music festival website. Music is my version of meditation, it’s how I get motivated to do the things I do. I know I wouldn’t have the passion and drive I have if it wasn’t for my love of music or the people who create it.

What is something unexpected about you?

I have ADHD, as in diagnosed ADHD. I used to think it was hindrance in terms of my business, but now I know it’s what keeps me creative and looking at the next best thing in business and for myself. I have to be passionate about something for it to keep my attention, so my ADHD helps me weed out the things in my life that shouldn’t be there.

Any work- life balance tips?

Figure out what you love to do and you’ll never feel like what you’re doing is “work.” Also force yourself to sit still shut off your mind and do nothing from time to time (still working on that one…). And of course spend time with the people in your life, that’s what really matters.

The best piece of advice you’ve ever received and stuck to?

It’s all in your mind. Positive thinking isn’t a joke, you can create the world you want but you have to get your mind right before anything follows.