The Hand Fan or (The Cheapest Air Conditioning In NYC)



Today we’re having a Greek moment. And no, I don’t mean we’re going bankrupt.

The hand fan -A.K.A. the best invention for these fucking unbearable summers- was indeed invented by the Greeks. Around 300 B.C, the Greek Gods decided it was too goddamn hot, and decided to bless us all with a glorious (and fashionable) solution to the endless search for a convenient way to combat pit stains on your brand new top. And Zeus knew exactly what he was doing.

Back on topic, so the fan can come in handy in countless situations, one of those I experience living in the city every goddam day. That situation is called the lack of air conditioning in the train stations. With the taxes that people pay here EVERY station should be air conditioned.  It is way to steamy, and not in a sexy way either.

However enter my buddy the fan, suddenly all the other peeps at the train station are drooling over my hand powered air conditioning system. Not to mention it makes me feel like someone in one of those tampon commercials, strong 40 year old woman fanning away her worries while blue liquid gets poured on pads. We all know -blood is not blue. And you know the emphasis is always on comfort and the fan is C-O-M-F-O-R-T in all caps.

Fans are also dirt cheap, and you can find it either online on sites like Amazon (same day delivery bitches) or your local Chinatown. But I just stole mine from my grandmother. Another usage for the fan, other than just a hot day without airflow, is a defense mechanism. You can whoop someone with that fan, just like I whoop John on the daily. Admittedly a few times myself too, since I posses no coordination whatsoever.

So go get the fan, look elegant, and spend anywhere from 1.73 dollas on Amazon to get one, it’s a win-win situation!

Keep it classy, use the fan.