The Place to Go if you’re Bad on Cheat Day


The Chronicle of our trip to Handsome Dan’s

Let’s just say Handsome Dan’s on 1st Ave in NYC is heaven for all sweet-toothers (which includes me, unfortunately). It also has an adorable interior with candy that you simply can’t buy at large candy retailers like Dylan’s Candy Bar. Harry Potter chocolate frogs, gummy bears the size of a dog, and many buckets of gummies…gimme. Plus, why support the huge shops who rip you off? It’s like taking candy from a baby.


John and I discovered this shop last year on our visit back to NYC on a super cold wintery evening walk, during  which we forgot what being able to wiggle your toes meant and ended up wondering into Dan’s aimlessly due to the dire hand-feet situation, and obviously gummy cravings. That was where we first met Dana. The most adorable, intelligent, lovely, and most importantly, always optimistic woman. She has that smile that could brighten even the darkest day, and a sense of humor comparable to no other. Dana doesn’t take shit from anyone, and does everything with that smirk that will perk up any terrible mood you’re in. She’s always in on Saturdays, go visit her! And any place with a cute name like Handsome Dan’s deserves a visit, plus don’t forget that sugary candy smell, Mmmm…