Let’s Virtually Shake Hands

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Hello comrades.


We finally launched our site, MODERN NOTHINGS. It was quite a laborious process, from staying up with the birds chirping to waking up at random hours with my brain buzzing with ideas and new post content. Before I venture any deeper into this intro, I want to give you a little bit of background info:

How did MN come around?

Long story short, John and I started a blog a few months ago when we were both living in New York. The blog was not going the direction we envisioned so we decided it was time to switch gears and re-brand it, this is how MN was born.

Who are we?

I am Berta (last name unpronounceable, thanks to Lithuanian roots). I am originally from Kaunas, Lithuania and moved to USA when I was 12. I am currently in school at University of -middle of fucking nowhere- Alabama but often travel to NYC, so its not all bad. I find beauty and happiness in getting to know people, intellectual conversations, photography and of course fashion. Oh and Seinfeld, I have attachment issues to Elaine and Jerry…

John is my super talented man-candy (boyfriend) who is all things techie and UHmazing. Due to his extensive computer knowledge, he will be on the back end helping me run this blog but also on the forefront writing for music/pop culture columns, since according to him my music taste is shit. We have a few playlists uploaded already so give it a go and let us know what kind of music you enjoy !listening! to.

Why  should I care about this blog?

This blog was born out of an idea to create something different & eccentric, more than just another blog in an already cluttered and overpopulated bloggosphere. I want to build a community of women empowering each other through a shared common interest in fashion and conversations digging deeper than the fabric we put on our bodies. Another “light bulb” realization happened when I got caught in the #blacklivesmatter protest on 5th ave after work… I noticed that there is just so much hate in this world,  and not enough honest conversations, love and support. The goal of this platform is to be a megaphone for women to talk about fashion but also touch on other topics like current events and rants. In essence this is not a blog with a hallow shell of just outfit posts, it has curves.

So let’s bond over real talk, addiction to coffee, denim overalls, and clothes our wallet can’t afford?

 If you would like to become a contributor or simply want to say hello, you can reach me by submitting through the contact form or emailing us. Don’t hesitate to reach out, I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.