Room Chronicles: #1

moder nothings

Welcome to my room!!!

This is the first installment of a lil weekly project I am  kicking off, I decided to call it: #MNroomchronicles (badadaDUM). It is a weekly outfit editorial in the comfort of my room and everyone is welcome to come over for virtual hangsss, wine, and my famous curry. Does this sound basic? Maybe and maybe not…I arrived at this resolution after realizing that I don’t post enough fashion/style related articles on MN, however I want it to be a bit more personal as opposed to the usual outfit posts you see and sometimes feel disconnected to.


Since a good portion of my closet is thrifted, vintage or Zara every outfit you see can be easily put together and affordable. Often times a lot of blogs have drool worthy outfits but a cringe-y price tag attached to it which is usually much outside your wallet’s budget unless maybe you sell your soul to the devil or not eat for a month. The goal of this project is essentially for me to connect with all of you (I guess on the basis that we are all broke) but also to challenge the norm and inspire you to bring your best outfit game on! You can tag me and I promise I’ll get back to you! Remember, $ ≠ good style.


This this is my ode and a big fuck you to those who think that money can buy style. It can give easier access that’s for sure but never great fashion sense, that is something that has to be acquired. Living in an aspirational society where unaffordable fashion ads grace the magazine pages, it is easy to want the next new “on trend” thing and then later feel disappointed and sad because you can’t afford to own it. It’s the same principle as a kid at a candy store…except that the candy has been replaced by mouth-watering clothes. This is by no means a stab at the fashion industry or those who can afford the hefty price tag, maybe one day I’ll join those ranks… but right now I am content with making a trip down to my local thrift shop. To be honest, my thrift obsession will never change, even if I become one of the Fortune 500 CEO’s!


I am also not ignorant. This project doesn’t change my love for haute couture or brand clothes at all, however I wanted to start something that anyone, regardless of their financial situation could relate to and implement on their own terms. I think it is possible to tell your own story on a budget, something that is more than just an intangible desire for those sparkly YSL boots or Dior gowns that you know you’ll never be able to afford!

PS: I am hoping to extend the project to other people’s rooms and closets in the future too so keep on the lookout;)

Maybe I should really change the title to: broke girls who stick together…