The Natural Face Diet



It was December 4th. 21 years after my mother birthed me.

On this day my mom’s gift to me was a turquoise travel bag filled to the brim with a large variety of makeup. When I got the present I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Thankful, for all the Neutrogena face cleanser stuff, I knew I definitely needed that…puberty was still not done with me. But a wide array of lipstick and other things made me puzzled and led to my investigative questioning of my womanhood and myself. Am I truly becoming a woman now? Thought that happened on the 18th birthday…why did this make up bag only show up to the party now? If I was gifted make-up, did it mean that I was excluded from the natural beauty gang? Was my mother trying to tell me that I need it in order to not look hideous? All these questions were running a marathon in my head and somehow not getting any closer to the finish line.

Girls from a very young age develop a notion that they need make up in order to feel beautiful and good about themselves, it is a part of being a woman, right? I remember girls in middle school experimenting with mascara and the new oh so hot raccoon look that happened in the trial periods. That was not me. And I’m so goddamn thankful I did not fall for the trend. However, the problem still remained in college. When I attended class, every one of my friends had years of experience with make up, and it made me feel somewhat inadequate. If this was a class system, they had reached the bourgeoisie and I was their loyal maid shining their pointed shoes and fixing their wigs.

That was until a recent alteration in the way we perceive makeup and beauty that changed my perception. This new beauty shift took form in the most 21st century way possible, a new hashtag  that was trending on Instagram, #nomakeup. The hashtag encouraged women to go makeup-less and to show off their real face. Women could finally feel confident being without makeup, and it was no longer going against the grain. Everything began shifting towards a more natural appeal. Even the make up itself! The matte nudes, soft browns, and dewy skin were making kicks this year and I was sunbathing in it all, doing a happy dance.

The no make up diet was a new thing in the ever-changing trend basin, with a promise to not cause your pores extra calories with clogging issues and breakouts. Women were finally empowering each other to look more natural, and take their masks off to reveal their true selves. This may be controversial because there are many ladies out there who swear by makeup and the instant confidence boost that they feel, and I get that. On the opposing side, it also feels nice to not feel self-conscious about your bare face and know that you are not a lone ranger embracing your gene given-not perfect- features. As someone who never used a lot of makeup to begin with, and is still clueless on how to use it properly without looking like a really poor version of an animal mentioned earlier, this trend really did a favor for me.

In the end, to wear or not to wear make up is absolutely a personal choice. I still love some makeup lines but being natural is key for me. I think there is nothing wrong with cover up, and sometimes lipstick (glossier is next on my list to purchase),­ but it has to be the right amount and balanced well…not look like you might have participated in a drag queen show and were the runner up.

This is an open discussion; I would love to hear some of your opinions about make up. Were/are you a huge user? Have you changed anything in your beauty regiment?