Open discussion: join in on our group chat/mourning session


Who is currently eating comfort food and/or chugging bottle(s) of wine?


I’m right there with you. We might have outdone U.K’s Brexit with this one.

Processing the outcome of this election is definitely not something that comes easy. Many of us woke up in disbelief to a president who supports sexism, bigotry,racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and above all else, hate. This honestly still feels surreal. I can’t remember the number of times I thought I was dreaming but woke up to find this to be the sad and twisted reality we are all stuck in.
It is truly heartbreaking for so many of us. That being not just because Trump won the presidency but the overwhelming support for the platform that he ran on. This is deeply concerning. I still keep asking myself why and how did he win? How come our nation didn’t choose to make history with the first female president but instead chose to support a man who said “grab them by the pussy” among other things?

I am just as confused and at loss for words as all of you are. The only explanation I have mustered is that people have chosen to be blind and full of hate because it was the easier choice to make. Which is why it is our duty to come together and stand up in the face of adversity and what is to come of this election, we have to show that love really does TRUMP hate.

Use the comments section for discussion about the election and your honest thoughts and opinions in regards to what is happening. If you are feeling super angry and/or down, the space in the comments is designated for that too, so feel free to share your opinions and come together. Most importantly, remember that you are not alone in this…there are many nasty women and men out there, so let’s all have a collective and cathartic mourning experience!

Share with us, what are you thinking and what are the people on your FB feed thinking? What actions are you planning on taking? Do you have plans on how to mentally get over this? Anything else you’d like to share? All is welcome.

This is a judgment free zone but hate speech will not be tolerated.